How to deal with trolls

A group of artists have formed a website to address online abuse, with the goal of giving artists a place to report harassment and abuse online.The group, called Anti-Harassment Inc. (AHH), is a volunteer-run website where members can report online harassment and share tips on how to deal and fight back.“This is a safe space […]

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How to Survive the Bizarro World of a Bizzaro Freelancer

“A freelancer is anyone who spends money on a freelance contract.”—Hannah Gershon, founder of Freelance Bartender.“You could call someone a freelancer, but it’s a misnomer.A freelancer isn’t a freeloader, they’re a freelance.They have a business, they pay their bills.They are a freelocate.The term is a misdirection.It’s a disguise.”—Gwyneth Jones, founder and CEO of CreativeLive.“A lot […]