Independence is the highest level of the 7 levels of awareness.
If you got here, and hopefully were completely honest with yourself filling the questionnaire, there is no doubt you are a unique person.
You are sharp and believe in yourself. You’re focused and constantly promote yourself towards your own goals.


7 steps of self awareness – Independence!

You control your life completely and inspire others.
You understand that the world is a collection of illusions that are empowered by the people who believe in them, and you are a creator of your own reality.
You are a truly a successful person and a real leader.
Well done!

For someone whose awareness level is so high, we have these suggestions for you to advance furthermore:

1. Hone your own vision even further
We have prepared for you a unique online course called “Secret of the money makers“, which is reserved only for our subscribers.
As a new subscriber we will send you shortly the details to enter this course for FREE.

2. Find additional sources of income – as a determined and aware person you know that it’s important to diverse your sources of income. 
We have prepared a special quiz that helps you find out the most suitable ways for you to make extra income.

It is time for you to start taking more actions that will catapult your career to new heights.

We wish you all the success on your journey.

Your friends, 
Jonathan and Ziv.

P.S. In the meantime feel free to browse around our site to get new ideas for your future goals.

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