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Freelance writers can earn $60k a year – but are they getting the money they should?

Freelancers can earn as much as $60,000 a year, according to research by freelance writer and social media guru Jodie Stevens, but are those wages reflected in their pay?

The report, Freelancer Mods: The Secrets of the Big, Fast and Dangerous Freelancing Industry, looks at the pay of the top 50 freelancers in the industry.

The report found that while the median salary of the Top 50 freelancer is $62,000, the median pay for the lowest paid freelancers is $36,000.

For example, the Top 500 freelancers made $36.8 million in 2013, but their median pay was $35,000 in 2013.

The median salary for the top 500 freelancer, in terms of pay, was $67,000 last year.

For comparison, the bottom 20 freelancers make $24,000 annually.

So how does this compare to a similar industry where many people are earning less than they should and many are being forced to make tough choices?

The survey found that most people do not think that the pay gap exists, but the reality is that it does.

As it turns out, only 8 per cent of freelancers think the pay disparity exists.

And only 6 per cent think that they’re getting paid fairly.

But what about the money?

This survey also found that almost one in five freelancers feel they are not getting the pay they should, and only 4 per cent said that they are getting paid at all.

That leaves freelancers earning between $60K and $70K a year.

However, when asked if they were being paid fairly, just 10 per cent thought they were, but only 5 per cent felt that they were not.

And it’s not just the pay that’s a problem.

The survey also asked the question: Do you feel you are being paid appropriately?

And 70 per cent say no, and 78 per cent were unsure.

And those numbers do not include the amount of money that freelancers are paid for work they have done, which is also often a big issue.

The number of freelancing jobs in Australia is set to double by 2020, with over 12 million freelance jobs being held by freelancers, and they have to juggle jobs and family commitments to make ends meet.


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