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How to find a freelance photographer: 5 tips from a business partner

Google News is reporting that the job market is finally getting a lot more competitive.

According to a recent report from Zagat, a job posting on the site says that a whopping 1.3 million people applied for the job, a 7 percent increase over last year.

It’s the first time since the site began tracking the job seekers in January.

The report also noted that the number of jobs posted in 2017 fell 1.6 percent compared to the same time last year, but that the average price per gig is now lower than last year’s average.

The article goes on to note that the increase in the number and size of job postings was fueled by a combination of rising demand and a shortage of available freelance photographers.

However, the trend appears to be reversing in 2018, with the number posted falling slightly.

Zagat also points out that there are currently more than 20,000 job openings for freelance photojournalists across the US, and that the country’s labor market is still struggling to get back to normal.

The news comes at a time when many employers are looking to shed more of their workforce.

In the past year, more than 200,000 people lost their jobs due to automation, the Wall Street Journal reported.

And in 2017, it was estimated that as many as 10 percent of US jobs could be automated by 2023.

But there is some good news to come out of the Zagot report.

According to the survey, a majority of job seekers are willing to take a pay cut to take the job.

A whopping 67 percent of respondents said they would take a salary cut if they could get a better deal.

And while that percentage was higher than last years, it still falls short of the industry’s average of 84 percent.

So if you’re looking to take on a freelance job, be sure to read the report before you start.

And be sure that you’re willing to work on weekends and holidays.


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