How to hire freelancing as a way to get more money from your customers

I’ve worked with a lot of freelancers over the years and, while it’s always fun to talk to them about their life, I can’t imagine my experience being much different than other freelancers’ (if they even work as much as I do).

And while they might not be the most well-known names on the list, there are a lot out there that I think are worth your attention.

I’ve got to admit that I had a bit of a difficult time picking a few, but I thought this list was worth sharing.

I’ll keep this article short because I don’t want to get into too many topics that could be confusing to some, so if you have any tips or advice on freelancing or if you just want to vent to someone else on this topic, let me know in the comments. 


“We are always going to need more and more people, so how do we find people that fit with our company culture and values?”

This one is a biggie for me.

It’s something I’ve come to understand a lot more after working with a few clients in the past.

When a freelancer gets the call for work and the only way to find someone to do it is through a traditional interview process, they’re often a bit nervous and think it might be hard to find people to work with, especially if they don’t speak English well.

If they don´t speak English, they are in the same situation I was in, but this time I was dealing with people who are fluent in English and who are just looking for the opportunity to earn a living.

And they’re not the only ones.


There’s a misconception that freelancers aren’t good for business.

In my experience, the truth is they are.

They have the right mindset and the right business sense.

They are looking for ways to get their work done and the most important part is making sure they get paid.

If you are looking to get paid, there’s nothing better than finding a team that fits you, whether that’s through work or socializing.

I don´ts mean that you need to be a freelancers dream job.

The truth is you need a team who has a similar mindset and you will find yourself doing great things.

If that sounds like a challenge, it might just be because youre not as good at marketing as your competitors.

But if youre going to start a company, youre either going to have to hire the best marketing people you can find or hire the people who can help you build a great business.


I know you may be asking yourself, “So, how do I find a freelancing company?”

If youre a freelances regular and youre trying to get work, you have the same question: how do you find the best freelancing site?

Well, I have a list of the best freelance websites and freelancers that I use in my personal business.

And if you are like me, youve been there before.

But thats not the same.

What I mean is, it’s different when youre doing business with a company than when you are a freelanced. 

So how do You find a Freelancing company?

If you want to find a business that fits your skills, you need the right team.

I mean, if you want a job, you dont have to look for the right people to do the job.

It is your job to find the right person and youll find them.

The thing is, youll need to hire a good freelancing agency.

If not, you wont find the one you are after.


As a freelance, you want the best possible outcome for yourself. 

The most important thing is you want your work to be fun, enjoyable and enjoyable to do.

I work with some really talented people on my team and we do things like live stream our clients, ask for help and do some creative things.

We are all doing things that we enjoy and we all know that we can make a good living doing it.

I personally love working with some of the clients and even though Ive seen some clients go through a rough time, the people we work with are the most generous, honest and hard working people Ive ever met.

They also do it with professionalism.

They know they have to make a living and not just make a salary.

So when you have someone that you want, you cant just look at them as a paycheck.

Youll need them to give you something back.

They will also give you a chance to meet other people you might not have otherwise known about.


Don´t be afraid to ask.

If a client says no, don’t be afraid.

Theyll just say no.

I was always the first person that clients came to me when they were struggling with finances and they would always say, “I wont take you.”

Thats why I


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