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How to save yourself from the internet addiction craze

A website that helps people with internet addiction is taking the internet to the next level by launching a self-service detox program.

Read moreThe website, called Survival, aims to help people break free from the “internet addiction crazy” that’s plagued them for decades.

It’s not the first site to offer a self service detox program for people suffering from internet addiction.

But Survival is different in that it has been in existence for more than a decade.

The website is also free, so people can pay as little as $5 a month for a 12-week detox program, which lasts about four weeks.

“If you have been using the internet, you know it’s really hard to get it out of your system and you really need to find a way to get rid of it,” co-founder and CEO Daniel McInnes said.

“So when we decided to start our own website we started with the idea that we’d create a self help program for those who are struggling with internet use.”

It’s also about making sure that we don’t just make money out of that but make it possible for people to get off the internet.

“Survival’s founder Daniel McInees said he started the website to help the community at large.”

We’re really focused on helping those people that are struggling, who have the internet and they’re struggling with this thing that we call internet addiction,” he said.

The program is called the ‘Internet Challenge’ and it’s the first of its kind in Australia.”

What we do is we provide a self challenge, we provide people with an internet challenge, a way of thinking about how they can actually get off of the internet if they want to, so that they can start to get a bit of self confidence, get some self-awareness,” Mr McInes said.

But Survival doesn’t just focus on internet addiction: it also provides support for people with other mental health conditions, like eating disorders, substance abuse, depression and anxiety.

It is also trying to help those who have no internet at all by offering services like a chat room and support groups for people who are having difficulties with their internet use and internet addiction in general.”

The way we want to work is we want the support and we want them to feel comfortable with themselves and they want people to be able to talk about their issues with the people that they’re with,” Mr McMinnis said.

Mr McInnis said the website is an opportunity to help more people.”

One of the things that we think is important in the internet community is there are people who aren’t necessarily online.

And we think that we can do that by giving people an avenue to have a safe place to get help, which we think will hopefully help many more people,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

That’s something we’re really excited about.

“Mr McIngnes said the site has also been in the works for years.”

As an industry, we have to have some level of accountability for how we’re going to be serving the industry, so we’ve been working on this website for years and we’ve always had an interest in providing an avenue for people that aren’t online to be a resource for those that are,” he added.

Mr McMinnises website also offers a self self-help program for anyone that has been using social media, whether for work or for recreation.”

In fact, we’re also making it available as a self support program,” Mr McNinnes said, adding that the program was “not a trial run”.”

It really is a self guidance program for all of us to help us understand ourselves better, to help with our self-esteem, to get the support that we need.

“If you or anyone you know needs help, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.


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