This is the third level of awareness.
You’ve started to develop your self-awareness beyond the herd mentality.
You already understand there is another way to live your life, and you ask how to improve yourself.
You leave your righteousness and your cynicism aside and open yourself to learn and absorb new things.
You seek for the meaning of your existence and for your purpose in life.
You begin to explore yourself, to really understand who you are, what are your passions and what are your unique talents.
You start to peel and remove masks, become more aware of your desires, your strengths and your capabilities.
You care less of what others think about you – and that’s the beginning of real freedom.
You can start looking and imagining far ahead. You are able to ask yourself “What do I want?” Or “Where do I want to go?” without being influenced by the people around you.

7 steps of self awareness – Individuality

Your self-esteem is higher than most people.
You feel that you’re not like everyone else, and you can begin finding your role in the world.

As someone who’s awareness level is Individuality, you still have a long way to go to achieve Independence level.
The good news is that by taking this test you have already become much more aware.
We are here to help you define and fulfill your goals, even if right now you’re not clear on what they are.

Your first step should be defining your vision for yourself.
We have prepared for you a unique online course called “Secret of the money makers“, which is reserved only for our subscribers.
As a new subscriber we will send you shortly the details to enter this course for FREE.

It is time for you to advance to the higher steps of self awareness, which will catapult your career to new heights.

We wish you all the success on your journey to the independence level.
Let’s take it one step at a time.
Your friends, 
Jonathan and Ziv.

P.S. In the meantime feel free to browse around our site to get new ideas for your future goals.

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