How to use Google Docs to get a $500 salary

The idea of an editor, an assistant or a freelancer earning $500 per hour is hardly new, but the process is not exactly intuitive.

This guide will show you how to create a simple Google Doc with a simple workflow and use it to pay for the cost of a professional editing job.


Choose a document type.

A Google Doc can be a spreadsheet, a spreadsheet file, a PDF file, or even a PDF document itself.

The type of document that you create is entirely up to you, but in the guide we’re focusing on creating a document with a single function.

It is possible to create documents that use multiple functions, but you should choose one that is easy to use.

For example, you can create a Google Doc that lets you create an audio, video, and audio/visual report from a single document and a single audio, text, and visual report from multiple documents.

If you want to be a bit more specific, you could also create a document that allows you to create multiple reports from one document and then merge them into a single report for easy sharing.


Pick the language.

When you create a new document, you will get a popup with a list of available languages.

Choose one and then you’ll see a dropdown menu for languages that you can use.

You can also select from several different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

You’ll also see a list with a few default languages for languages like German, English, and Russian.

When the dropdown menus are highlighted, you’ll be able to select a default language to start with.

In the next step, we’ll show you the steps that we took to make that work.


Choose the location.

The first step is to select the language that you want your new document to be in.

You should choose the language of your choice and then click the “Go” button to select your document location.


Select the file format.

This is the file that you’ll save the document in.

This can be any file format that you would normally save a PDF to, but it will need to be of a high quality.

You may want to choose an image format like PNG or JPEG or even Photoshop.

The files that you select should also have a “.doc” extension.

When choosing a file format, you should also choose whether you want it to be open or closed.

If it is open, you may want it saved in the document itself or in a folder that you could access later.

If not, you want the file to be saved in your Google Drive account, where you can open it later.


Select “Save as” to save your document.

Now that you’ve selected the file type, you need to select which file format to use for the document.

You will want to select either “.docx”, “.pptx”, or “.docw”.

You can save your files in any format that Google Doc allows.

If the file you select is .pptx, Google Doc will automatically convert it to an open document.

If that file format doesn’t match what you’re trying to do, you might have to click the preview button to open the document and choose an alternative file format (like .pptm or .pptb).

You can even choose to save a file that is a combination of files that Google is not willing to accept.

Once you have selected the format, click the Save button to save the file and save your new file to your Google Doc.

You could also choose to open a PDF and save the PDF file to Google Drive.

If Google Doc has a PDF preview button, it will show a preview of the PDF.

This means that you will see the PDF in the preview window.

If your file has a preview, it can be opened at any time.

You just need to click on the Preview button to see the preview.


Set the language to English.

Now you’re ready to create the file.

You need to choose one of the two options available in Google Doc to set the language for your new Google Doc file.

If both of the options are available, Google will open the file in English.

If one of those options is not available, you’re stuck with English.

You also need to set a “language” option in your document settings.

This allows you, for example, to choose the text that you’d like to be shown in the file (which you can change by clicking on the text option in the context menu).

The default text will be shown.


Create the document type using the Google Doc template.

To create a single-function document, select a document in the list.

The template will ask you to pick a single option, but only one.

For our example, we want to create an electronic report that contains a video and a document listing all of the relevant text and


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