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Ryan Lochte claims to have been punched by Ryan Lochten, who was punched by Max Baucus and left for dead at a bar

Max Baucous and Ryan Lochty are two of the world’s most famous swimmer and athletes, and they are currently embroiled in a story about their experiences as two strangers who fell out over a night out at a nightclub.

The incident, which took place at a club in Florida in early February, became fodder for social media as people began speculating about the incident and how it could have happened, but Baucus has denied he punched anyone and that he didn’t get hit in the face.

On Tuesday, Baucus released a statement saying he was punched at a New York bar by Max Lochte.

In it, Baucoupe says he was attacked by a group of men and “was in no condition to fight.”

Baucus says he then fell into a drunken stupor and woke up at home with a fractured jaw, a bruised eye and cuts on his face and chest.

Baucus said he suffered a “very bad concussion” and that the injuries were so bad that he had to wear a mask to help him walk.

“Then I remember feeling a tremendous pain in my head, a tremendous sharp pain in the back of my head. “

I remember looking up and seeing Ryan Locht, and I was like, ‘You know, I was there.’ “

Then I remember feeling a tremendous pain in my head, a tremendous sharp pain in the back of my head.

I was like ‘What’s wrong with you? “

He continued: “And Ryan came up and he’s like, “What the f–k is going on?”

“I was like ‘What’s wrong with you?

Are you all f–king crazy?'”

Baucus said that Lochte, who is from New York, started asking him questions about his injuries.

“He was like [expletive], ‘Are you alright?’

And I was, ‘No, I’m fine.

I’m a fighter.’

I’ve never seen someone punch a guy like that.””

Baucus went on to say that Lochten “was like, I can’t believe you punched me.

I’ve never seen someone punch a guy like that.

“Baucus then left the club to go to a hotel and he and Lochte later found each other.

The two, who are currently both recovering from their injuries, were at a hotel party on Saturday night, and the two had an altercation with a woman who was not the intended target of the attack, Bountys’ statement said.

Baucus says that he got up to defend himself from a man who grabbed him by the throat, and he felt his head snap.

The woman, who Baucus does not identify, told ABC News that she saw Baucus fall to the ground when she tried to help. “

When I got there, I had blood all over me, but I had no other injuries, so I just thought, ‘OK, I got hit,'” Baucus recalled.

The woman, who Baucus does not identify, told ABC News that she saw Baucus fall to the ground when she tried to help.

“She said, I saw the guy fall and I said, What’s wrong?

She said, He’s bleeding,” she said.

“I said, No, he’s OK, I don’t need you to tell me.”

Bountys attorney, Robert Pardo, told the outlet that the two were at the nightclub together and that it is “not at all unusual for people to be in a bar drinking together and it is entirely up to him and the victim to know what is happening.”

The incident has prompted a number of people to criticize the behavior of the two men.

“Max Baucus is a coward and Ryan Baucus was a coward who should have known better,” tweeted actor Ashton Kutcher.

“You know how people act when they know they’re going to get hit?” tweeted former NFL star Michael Irvin.

“Ryan Lochte is a liar and Max Bountous is a fraud.”

While the case is being investigated by the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Berents lawyers are expected to make their own claims of assault, according to TMZ.

Bounty and Lochten were allegedly arguing after a night at a nearby club in February.

In a video posted to social media, Bunny can be heard arguing with a man that he “has a right to be there.”

“He just wants to say ‘Hey, you guys don’t have a right,’ and that’s just ridiculous,” Baucus tells the unidentified man.

“That’s ridiculous.

I just want to know who’s gonna be on top of him, and that’ll be the answer.

You guys can come up with the answer.”


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