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Unemployed illustrator ‘feels like a second victim’

Illustrator Einar Wijnenberg is among those who are still struggling to cope with the economic crisis in Finland.

Einar Wichernberg, 31, started his career as a digital illustrator in 2010, and now works for several digital publishing companies.

His story started with a one-time job as a model.

He said he didn’t like models, and was looking for something more meaningful, but when he came across an advert for freelance illustrator Erika Kallas, he thought he was in luck.

“I thought it was a good chance to get a better job than a model,” Wichenberg said.

The freelance illustrators in the advert were offered a job for one month.

Wichelberg said he was surprised when he was told that he would be working for three months.

When he went back to work, Wichernberg found he was doing the same job for two more months. 

“I think it was more stressful than I expected.

The pay was not much better than what I had been earning before,” he said.

Wichernov said he has not been able to find a new job since.

He is also still struggling with the issue of his health insurance, as he has a chronic illness.

Kallas said that, although she was disappointed with the advert, she felt that it was just a way for the companies to give their staff a better working environment.

“I am happy that I will be able to pay my bills on time and I will still be able pay my taxes on time.

I have no problems paying my bills now,” she said.

“I can work for a few more months, so I am happy.”

Despite Wichellenberg’s plight, he feels that he has had an “entire career” ruined by the recession.

Wicherns company, Kallas-Hansen, will be closing down this month, as its staff have been laid off.

And it’s not the only one struggling to make ends meet.

A freelance illustrative artist who works for a local news website, Anna Pankka, is now homeless and unable to afford to feed her two children, aged four and two.

Pankka said that when she started her freelance career in 2010 she had a part-time salary of just €2.50 a day.

Since then, she has lost half of that amount, and has been on the streets for the past year, without being able to secure housing. 

The crisis is particularly acute in the country’s smaller cities, as the economy has suffered from the recession and is now struggling to survive.

In Kaunas, the unemployment rate stands at 15 per cent.

In Helsinki, it stands at 23 per cent, and in Malmö, it’s 23 per percent.

As a result, the number of people living in shelters is on the rise.


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