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When you can’t do it alone: a look at the best freelance gigs

Sluggy, a freelance agency based in London, offers the most amazing freelance gigs in the UK.

In the space of a week, we managed to find a freelance writer who’d been on the receiving end of a call from a major film studio.

Our story was picked up by the Guardian and we were asked to write a follow-up piece about Slugging, the freelance artist who’d written a song for the new Fantastic Beasts film.

But when we got the call, we were immediately blown away. 

The writer told us she’d written the song while working as a freelance illustrator for a London-based publisher.

“I was in London at the time and working for a big publisher.

They were very keen to hire someone to do some music, and I thought I could get them something out of me,” she said.

So we set up a meeting with Slug.

“They were really nice, really helpful,” she explained.

“It was a really lovely experience.

The thing I loved most about Slugs work was that they were always looking for new talent.

They wanted to help people to get the best out of themselves.”

We asked her if she’d been approached by any major studios.

“Yeah, they contacted me.

I was really happy to say no, I didn’t want to do that.”

Slugs team, including Slug, founder and creative director Emma Williams and editor Matt Roberts, were able to find the writer.

“You have to know the people who are doing it,” she continued.

“So when we were chatting to her, I had no idea what the studio was looking for, but I had a pretty good idea that it was a good place to work.”

So what was it that made Slugs successful?

“We are all very good at the craft of writing,” she concluded.

“We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

But it’s the way we put our ideas together that makes a difference.” 

In a way, Slugs approach to freelancing was inspired by that of freelance illustrators like the ones we met at Slug’s offices in London.

“There are lots of great freelance artists, but it’s just that they’re not getting the chance to really do the creative stuff.

They’re not doing it on their own,” she commented.

“The fact that Slugs has a small team of like-minded artists means they’re able to create things with the confidence of someone who is actually working in a studio.” 

The freelance artist explained that she’s a “slimy, very thin, very skinny guy” and that she works “for the sake of the project”.

“I like to work because it gives me a feeling of achievement,” she told us.

“And when you work in the creative space, you get a real sense of ownership and ownership of your work.” 

Slug was founded by Emma Williams in 2007.

She’s a prolific writer who also runs her own online store, which has sold over three million copies.

“At Slugs, we believe that the creative process can be empowering, and it is important for people to have an opportunity to be able to express themselves,” she added.

“Creativity is the lifeblood of the creative world.

So being able to write music for someone else is really empowering.

And that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.” 

Emma also launched her own company, Slugly, which she describes as “a creative consultancy” with a focus on “creative, creative writing, and creative writing for artists”.

“There’s so much pressure on people to be successful in the world, and we are really here to help out people who have this kind of pressure.” 

We asked Emma if she thought there was a stigma in the industry around freelancers.

“No, there’s no stigma,” she responded.

“But it’s still important that people are aware that they can still be successful, and that it’s OK to write for yourself.

 “That’s a really powerful thing, and there’s a lot that can be said for that.” “

We also believe that a lot of the work we do is important to people, because it helps them feel confident and feel valued. 

 “That’s a really powerful thing, and there’s a lot that can be said for that.” 

“These are the people that are going to be working for you for the rest of your life.” “

Be careful of people who look for work on a website,” Emma said.

“These are the people that are going to be working for you for the rest of your life.” 

The freelance writer, who asked that we not use her real name for fear of backlash from her fans, told us that she feels “pretty confident” in her writing.

“My style is a little bit of an improvisational kind of style, so I don


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