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When your job is not worth it

“Why do you want to work for someone else?”

“They are more valuable to me than you.”

“I don’t want to lose money, they are more important.”

“You will get more out of your job if you do it than if you did it.”

“My bosses will see me as more valuable if I do this than if I didn’t.”

“The pay is great, the benefits are great, and the job satisfaction is great.”

“It is not as stressful as a job with a lot of competition.”

“People are so invested in their careers that they are willing to pay me more.”

“When you are a freelancer, you are not paid for the work you do.”

“The most important thing is that you will get the best job you can get.

I want to be the best freelancer I can be.”

“Your job is valuable and it is what matters to me.”

Why do I love freelance work?

“I love the freedom to do what I want and to make the most of my time and talents.”

“Having the freedom of doing what I love has made me very creative and motivated.”

“In my free time I like to get creative with my work and enjoy myself.”

“Working on my own allows me to connect with my creative side.”

What do I pay for my freelance work?: “You get what you pay for.”

“All my work comes from the free time that I get every day.”

“Everything I have to offer is free, including my time.”

“My pay is not based on how much I have done for the company or what I have written.”

“Every day I work for free because I want the most out of my free life.”

Do I pay freelance fees?

No, I am not paying any freelance fees.

“My freelancing is just a way to keep paying bills.”

“Fees are only a small part of the work that I do.”

“Paying for freelancing makes me feel more confident in the process.”

Are I compensated based on hours worked?

Yes, I have been paid on time for most of the time that my work has been completed.

Is my work in the public domain?

My work is in the open domain.

It is freely available.

“If you have a website that you want the world to see, or an ebook that you think the world should know about, please share it with me.”

“If I can’t make money off of it, I can still sell it for profit.”

Is it worth paying my bills?

When I start my freelance career, I pay my bills.

I do not work for any company.

I am completely independent and do not have a boss.

“It’s worth it to me because I don’t have to work a paycheck for the next six months.”

“After six months, it’s worth working for free.”

I work in a city, country, or other area that is underrepresented in the global freelance market.

Is there a way I can help my industry?

There are many ways that you can help your industry.

I would love to work in your field.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I love to help my community.

I would love for you to read my posts on my blog.

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