When you’re looking for freelance work: ‘You’re looking to make money’

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks for freelance cafe owner and business manager Rene Bauwens, as he’s been inundated with calls and emails from his thousands of new clients.

“It’s been overwhelming,” he said.

“But it’s also been a very good experience.”

Bauwents, who has been on the hunt for freelance business for about a year, was initially hesitant to set up his own freelance cafe because he didn’t want to risk losing his passion for the business.

“But the more I thought about it, the more it all made sense,” he added.

Bauws cafe in the CBD is the brainchild of the cafe’s owner, who wants to make a difference by making sure his cafe can provide a good service to his customers.

“My passion is the same as it was when I started the business, it’s just that it’s become more complex, more exciting,” he explained.

“I want to make it as easy and fun as possible for people to work here.”

Bauswens is the creator of one of the largest freelancing websites in Australia, Bauws, which offers a broad range of freelance work from business owners and other small-business owners to artists and journalists.

“The whole reason I set up the business was because I want to provide a service for people that are not in business,” he told CricInfo.

“I wanted to help them with their business.

I don’t want them to have to go through the hassle of going to a job centre and looking for a job.”

Boosch’s café in Sydney’s CBD.

Photo: Instagram user ReneBauWens started working for his cafe in 2009, and is currently the co-owner.

Bausws Cafe was originally founded as a small cafe, but has since grown into a full-fledged café and is now run by his staff.

“When I started working there, it was just me and one person,” he recalled.

“There was no manager.

I started out making coffee and it was my own thing, and I started making coffee in the evenings.”

Now I’m in charge of all the day-to-day operations, and the staff is my customers.

“He said he didn’t want to open up a cafe to competitors, and didn’t think it was fair that his cafe had a smaller clientele than others.”

The owner believes his cafe will become a success story for other small businesses, as well as helping to create more jobs for small businesses in the industry.””

If I were to open a cafe, I would not be able see the other businesses coming in and saying, ‘You guys are ruining our coffee’.”

The owner believes his cafe will become a success story for other small businesses, as well as helping to create more jobs for small businesses in the industry.

“For me, it has been a good opportunity to start a business, and it has helped me grow my business,” Bauswis said.

“You don’t have to do this alone.

You can start a small café and be successful.”


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