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Which NHL team has the best salary cap?

NHL salary cap data is notoriously difficult to compile, but it’s clear that the Los Angeles Kings have the best cap situation, and they’re spending big on it.

According to CapFriendly, the Kings have an estimated $58.4 million in cap space that they’re not obligated to spend.

That’s the best amount of cap space available for the team to sign unrestricted free agents and/or re-sign free agents.

If you’re looking to get a better idea of what’s available, here are the 10 best teams with the best $57 million available to spend on a goalie.

(All figures are projected, and adjusted for age.)1.

Los Angeles Lakers (CapFriendly estimates $57.4M cap space)2.

New York Knicks (Cap Friendly estimates $53.9M cap room)3.

Phoenix Suns (Cap Friendly estimates at $53M cap area)4.

Charlotte Bobcats (Capfriendly estimates $52.8M cap)5.

Chicago Bulls (Cap friendly estimates at just under $52M cap total)6.

Boston Celtics (Capfriendly estimates that they’ve already re-signed a player to a deal that was reported by

Los Angles Lakers (Signed Chris Kaman to a one-year, $5.4m deal)8.

Detroit Pistons (Sacked Reggie Jackson to a two-year deal)9.

Indiana Pacers (Sack Nate McMillan to a three-year contract)10.

Portland Trail Blazers (Saved Lance Stephenson from a three year deal)1.

New Orleans Pelicans (Seed with $46.2M in cap room, cap hits $41.2 million)2-3.

Los Angeles Lakers3-4.

Boston Lakers5-6.

Charlotte Hornets7-8.

Indiana Hawks9-10.

Detroit Suns11-12.

Chicago Blackhawks13-14.

Portland Thorns15-16.

Charlotte Knights17-18.

Indiana Fever19-20.

Minnesota Timberwolves21-22.

Detroit Red Wings23-24.

Brooklyn Nets25-26.

Dallas Mavericks27-28.

San Antonio Spurs29-30.

Los Angeles Kings31-32.

Orlando Magic33-34.

Phoenix Thunder35-36.

Portland Grizzlies37-38.

San Diego Clippers39-40.

Charlotte Bulls41-42.

Boston Hornets43-44.

Phoenix Hawks45-46.

Minnesota Jazz47-48.

Chicago Bucks49-50.

Atlanta Hawks51-52.

Charlotte Mavericks53-54.

Los Arizangeles Suns55-56.

Indiana Wizards57-58.

Portland Mavericks59-60.

Sacramento Kings61-62.

Charlotte Pelicans63-64.

Detroit Bucks65-66.

Minnesota Pacers67-68.

Philadelphia 76ers69-70.

Dallas Stars71-72.

Portland Wizards73-74.

Miami Heat75-76.

Portland Hornets77-78.

New Jersey Nets79-80.

Brooklyn Knicks81-82.

Detroit Lions83-84.

Atlanta Braves85-86.

Sacramento Trail Blazers87-88.

New Mexico Lobos89-90.

Sacramento Clippers91-92.

Minnesota Lynx93-94.

Chicago Pistons95-96.

Boston College97-98.

Chicago Fire99-100.

Detroit Hawks101-102.

Portland Timbers103-104.

New Hampshire Huskies105-106.

Boston Red Sox107-108.

Boston Bucks109-110.

Orlando Solar Bears111-112.

Minnesota Stars113-114.

Atlanta Mavericks115-116.

Brooklyn Cyclones117-118.

New England Revolution119-120.

Sacramento Bobcats121-122.

Milwaukee Bucks123-124.

Indiana Bobcats125-126.

Chicago Skyhawks127-128.

Miami Thunder129-130.

New Spain Mecanols131-132.

Denver Nuggets133-134.

Portland Suns135-136.

Detroit Thorns137-138.

Orlando Arcurs139-140.

San Jose Sharks141-142.

Boston Bruins143-144.

Phoenix Coyotes145-146.

Portland Pirates147-148.

Sacramento Republic149-150.

Charlotte Stars151-152.

Boston Pride153-154.

Portland Celtics155-156.

Miami Hurricanes157-158.

Sacramento Senators159-160.

New Miami Heat161-162.

Washington Wizards163-164.

Portland Ducks165-166.

New Charlotte Bobcat167-168.

New Dallas Mavericks169-170.

Charlotte Trail Blazers171-172.

Orlando Predators173-174.

Denver Thunder175-176.

Orlando Knights177-178.

Detroit Nuggets179-180.

Miami RedHawks181-182.

Chicago Mavericks183-184.

New Houston Rockets185-186.

Portland RedHaws187-188.

Chicago Hornets189-190.

Toronto Raptors191-192.

Boston Breakers193-194.

Phoenix Mercury195-196.

San Francisco 49ers197-198.

Sacramento Heat199-200.

Brooklyn Thunder201-202.

Boston 76ers203-204.

Miami Storm205-


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