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Which wrestling promotion is best at getting its wrestlers paid?

On the heels of WWE’s announcement that they would be shutting down all of their paid talent, many fans and critics have been wondering what the future holds for wrestling’s top promotions.

Will they continue to push pay-per-view events and pay-Per-View events, or will they continue focusing on the wrestling business and instead go their separate ways?

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the answer is that they will both.

While it’s unclear whether or not a WWE-produced show will continue to be produced, some have speculated that it will.

The most recent show was a limited engagement on YouTube, but the company did eventually sign a deal with YouTube to create their own programming.

With the company seemingly getting back to basics and focusing on building up their business and talent, the question is whether or how WWE will continue with their pay-TV business.

If WWE continues to promote the pay-view model, they may have to focus on expanding their wrestling business, as well as focusing on other creative opportunities that could potentially allow them to make money from the shows.

While this might not be the end of wrestling as we know it, it could be the beginning of a new era for the business.