Why do you think the world’s most popular website has been hacked?

By Peter Kotsakis | 10 November 2017 04:38:38Today, a few days ago, it was announced that the domain has been hijacked by unknown attackers, including a man calling himself “Mr. Black.”

The attack is not considered to be malicious, but instead a simple phishing campaign, which is the standard way hackers gain access to the WordPress website.

A quick scan of the WordPress domain showed the domain to be hosted on a server in Romania.

This was also the domain that hosted the WordPress site’s “contact us” form, which has been disabled since April 2016.

This is what it looks like when the WordPress page is redirected to an attacker’s website:This is not the first time that the domain has gone down, either.

On April 20, 2016, the domain went offline for more than an hour.

It was then restored, but only after a long period of downtime.

That outage also caused the domain’s URL to be changed to a fake address.

This has happened a few times in the past.

In November 2016, a new version of the site went offline, after an attack by an unknown party.

Since then, the site has not been back up or down for more time.

In order to protect the WordPress team, WordPress has temporarily disabled the “contact me” form.

Users can contact the WordPress developer team for more information about this process.

The WordPress team has said that the attackers are using different methods to compromise the WordPress server, including “phishing” the WordPress developers.

In a blog post, the WordPress community pointed out that phishing is a common method used by criminals to trick users into handing over sensitive information.

It also highlighted the fact that the attack was performed by an anonymous individual.

It is unknown how many victims of the hack are still vulnerable, but we will update this article when we have more information.

In the meantime, users can contact WordPress developer support, which can help with the technical aspects of the matter.

This is also the best way to contact WordPress’s administrators for further assistance.

The full list of WordPress domains compromised by the phishing attack is:


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