Why You MUST make an Extra Income

The System Has you

How much of your paycheck stays in your hands?

Are you really prepared financially for the day you will lose your job?

Do you dream or dread to retire?

Fact is, that like most people, you must have more money just to get by.

Yes, you may be able to work extra hours for your bosses, or take a second/third/fourth job.

But you already know it won’t take you far.

We bet you’ve already figured out that the system, being a full-time employee with a a salary,
or having a small business, means always selling your precious time for money.

And because there’s never enough money –
there’s less and less time for yourself and for your loved ones.

You become a slave of your boss or of your business.

You become a slave of the banks, the taxes, the government.

shackles photo

Most people are slaves to their work place


Break Free From the System

For nearly 20 years of experience as employees, as business owners and CEOs of two successful companies, as self-employed freelancers and as partners, we found out how the system works.

We understood that we were fooled to believe all these years the only way is to work hard to survive.

There is another way to get much more from life!

It’s not a trivial one. Most people are not familiar with it or are blind to it.

With this “other Way” we succeeded to:

  • Lead business owners to improve their turnover by 50% in two months.
  • Make people who thought to earn 5000$ a month to double their salaries by 2 or more
  • Allow people to dream big and to succeed in getting results they never believed they could get.

This year we have set a goal for ourselves:
Lead at least 20,000 people to financial freedom by the end of the year!

And we want YOU to be one of them.


Is there a magic formula?

Most people look for immediate results.

They want the quickest, easiest and most sure way to make money like there’s a magic formula for everyone.

They hear something from a friend or read about it somewhere and throw their money at it without enough thought.

And as soon as they discover that it doesn’t really work, they give up.

Now don’t get us wrong.

There are quick, easy and sure ways to make much more money than you thought possible.

But first you must find the best ways for you to it.

You’ll need the best teachers and best up to date knowledge to succeed big time.

That’s what we’re here for.

If you’ll invest your time, money and persistence into it – that’s when you’ll see the magic.

magic photo

Invest your time, money and persistence into it and you’ll see the magic


What you need to do now?

1. Take our FREE online course – Secret of the Money Makers.
It’s designed to help you find your own financial vision.
Discover the Secret of the Money Makers, and how you can use it for extra money!

2. If you haven’t done it already – take our 5 minute self test.
We will diagnose your answer and determine the best ways for you to make an extra income.

3. Closely follow the instructions in the diagnostic mail.
This is your personal way to financial freedom.

4. Be excited about it. You’re getting an opportunity most people never even dream of.


To your great future success!

Yours truly,

Jonathan and Ziv.

2 comments on “Why You MUST make an Extra Income
  1. James says:

    I am so glad that I found your site and took your courses, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

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